Sedation Options

We offer a range of sedation options

Our expertise in general dentistry means we can provide you with the very best in dental services and personal care. We understand that some people have a real fear of visiting the dentist and won’t judge or pressure you.

We work gently and use the latest technologies to ensure our procedures are the most comfortable available. We also have headphones and Foxtel on the TV above your chair, so you can relax while we are working in your mouth.

If you prefer to relax or be unaware of what is happening, we also offer sedation options.

  • Our pre-sedative medication can be taken an hour before an appointment to assist with relaxation.
  • Another option is to have nitrous oxide (happy gas) during treatment, which also assists with relaxation. As nitrous oxide is an analgesic, it also numbs any feeling. Patients can decide to have this at anytime during an appointment, with the effects being immediate.
  • Our third option is intravenous anaesthesia, which enable patients to be almost, but not quite, asleep through the whole procedure. This is administered and monitored by a specialist anaesthetist and requires an advance booking.