Oral Hygiene

Healthy teeth and fresh breath start here.

Thanks to advances in dental knowledge and modern techniques, you can keep your natural teeth for life – especially if you practice good oral hygiene.

Our highly skilled team of Adelaide Oral Hygienists and Dental Therapists can assist you to plan out and stick to a preventative or treatment routine.

Employing the latest technology, we identify any issues and causes of future dental problems before developing your personal oral care program. If you are concerned about bad breath that won’t go away regardless of your efforts, this is where we look for possible solutions. Bad breath can be caused by a wide range of issues, but many of them are treatable. Check out our blog for more information, “The Top Causes of Bad Breath and How to Cure it”.

Gum recession is a sign of poor dental health, and can have a big impact on not only your self-esteem, but also your overall body health. If you have already noticed your gums significantly recessing, and would like to regain the gum line you once had, talk with our Adelaide dentists about your options.

Having extensively studied the techniques in the US, Dr Stacy is at the forefront of PST (Pinhole Surgery Techniques) dentistry in Australia. This new procedure is effectively a facelift for your gums, immediately raising them up to protect the roots of your teeth – as well as giving you back your beautiful smile.

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